A couple of weeks ago, storms hit the UK, with gale-force winds affecting our day-to-day lives and even snow falling in parts of the country. 
With bad weather, such as gale-force winds, heavy snow and heavy rain, comes possible TV aerial disruptions when they are being delivered through satellite. In extreme weather conditions, the elements can actually physically damage your satellite dish and it can certainly disrupt your satellite signal. Post-storm issues with your system may not have anything to do with your system at all. Bad weather can scramble aerial & satellite signals, resulting in poor or no reception on your end. Snow can also settle on your dish to block the signals resulting in ‘no signal.’ Rain damage is also likely, water can find its way into your cables and damage equipment that it's connected to. 
At County Aerials we have extensive knowledge of the local and rural areas of Somerset, with over 20 years of experience and happy customers. Naturally, when installing your aerial, we take inevitable stormy weather into account, but the unpredictable weather can damage even the strongest of aerial installations. Any reception problems can be addressed and solved quickly and efficiently. As a Somerset business, we understand that a lot of our customers will live and/or work in rural areas (which are more susceptible and exposed to bad weather), so we are equipped with the knowledge and skills to give you the best TV connection, set up and repairs as possible, so you remain as connected to the outside world as possible all from the comfort of your own home, especially in these stormy winter months. If your aerial is damaged at all in the storm, our experts will be able to deliver an efficient, yet high-quality service, where we will try our best to make sure your connection is stable for the next time a storm hits. 
We want to assure you that even though storms make everyone more susceptible and vulnerable to poor and damaged connection, we’re always around to be on hand to repair your connection. Dylan Fearn kindly wrote: "Can't recommend them enough ... called them out on New Year's Eve of all night's and within an hour my TV was back up and running in time for midnight. Thank you and a very professional job from start to finish." This lovely testimonial really credits the teams’ dedication to making sure everyone is connected to the outside world. So, if you’re having connection/aerial problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! 
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